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our great team

Here at Wakefield we bring years of experience to your Belltown spot.
With all the experience we have, we’ve made sure our food, drinks, and service always meets expectations.
We are all here to make sure you have a great time at our spot, while we have a little fun ourselves.
As always, we appreciate YOU for checking us out, and always welcome you and yours to come hang with us!

Chris & Stacy


Chris & Stacy are owner/operators who help with the day to days to help Wakefield run smoothly. Chris is frequently around, to lend a helping hand, and is usually support for our rockin’ Sunday Brunch. He works in Real Estate as well and found this great location. Stacy was born and raised in Boston and has an MBA under her belt in Finance. She does most of the accounting for the bar! They both are great people and owners who help big time with their work!

Ziggy and Alexis


Ziggy & Alexis Taladay have been around the industry locally in Seattle for a while. They bring their years of experience to the day to day operations and run shifts as the main bartenders/owners of Wakefield. They are well known around town and liked by everyone. Alexis co-wrote the Cocktail Menu with Ashley, and describes it as “craft, but more straightforward and simple than you might find elsewhere. Three or four ingredients, done really well.” They bring their talents to Wakefield and you find them working behind the bar throughout the week!

Brian Taylor


Brian has a lot of experience in the restaurant industry. Before he came to the front to bartend, he was in the back as a cook for local spots Spur, and Tavern Law. He brings such a positive force of energy to work every one of his shifts. His cocktail curating is second to none, and he brings his amazing talent to help with making Wakefield a place to come enjoy some time off. Come bug him on his Sunday & Tuesday night shifts 😉

Brandon Muehl

head chef

Brandon has brought his Executive Chef talents from Rendezvous here to Wakefield. We all couldn’t be more excited, as he rounds out our menu with great, comfort food to Belltown. He’s in charge of the menu, product ordering, and works shifts in the back to execute the quality we always strive for. He’s a great addition to our team, and we are excited to have him!

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We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. Thank you, We really appreciate it.